We provide digital solutions to create the essential change that will make your business more effective or create a new one that will replace the old.

We have the required Digital Platforms & Services to;

Promote, Capture Data, Establish Insights & Grow Your Business
Your Can Quickly Have
  • Better, Happier Clients
  • More Effective Business Management
  • Improved Resource Tracking & Utilisation
  • Larger Client Base & Profitable Sales
  • Quality Project Management
  • Contract Monitoring
  • Streamlined Business Processes
  • Improved Client Ordering
  • Timely & Effective Client Support
  • Better Collaboration & Communications
  • AI & Digital Employees
  • Analytics Based Digital Marketing
  • Mobile, Web & Channel Applications Development
  • No Code/Low Code Development
  • Data Integration & Analysis
  • Community Creation & Client Advocacy

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Getting Started

We make it real easy and simple to get started. No money or commitments just a wish list.

Simply fill out the form below to provide us a place to start. Pretend we have a magic wand and we can grant wishes. What would you wish for?

We start with an anything is possible position and then work to what is most important, what can be done easily and what can provide the greatest benefits to you.

Seriously NOTHING should be excluded because you think it would be too hard, cost too much or take too long. Ask, you will be surprised what is achievable even with limited time and investment.


Quality Digital tools on phones, tablets, computers, cars, watches, smart devices have become essential for personal & professional success.

How well you use digital tools is now the most important indicator to achieve success.

New Normal is your shortcut to harness digital tools and achieve business success.

We are a one-stop-shop for any stage or size of business. Start-up or multi-generational organizations can make substantial gains with essential digital transformation.

The best thing is that you are now able to achieve so much more with a fraction of the cost & effort of similar projects only a few years ago.

Be sure to check out how simple it is to achieve outcomes that you might think are impossible.


We have services that cover analysis & planning, design, development, promotion and support.

You can access our services to suit your requirements either on an hourly or fixed price basis.

Analysis & Planning
Listed bellow are some of the pre-projects services we can provide.
Business Challenges Discovery
Digital Transformation
Technical Due Diligence
Digital Market Analysis
These are some of the technical management activities we are able to provide.
Project Management
Development & Technical Resource Management
Research & Development Management
Technical Budget Development & Management
Project Scoping & Risk Assessment
Board & Management Technical Reporting
Content Research & Management
Digital Promotion & Social Profile Management
These are some of the design services we can provide.
Brand Design
Website Design
Web Application Design - Including PWAs
Mobile & Device Application Design
UX & UI Design
Banners & Promotional Material
eMails - Transactional & Newsletters
No Code / Low Code Development
These are some of the no-code platforms we are able to use to fast track your projects.
Development (Coding & System Design)
These are some of the development languages, databases and development tools we use.
.Net, PHP
MySQL, MsSQL, Postgres, Mongodb, xano, Firebase
HTML, CSS, Javascript
React, Node, Angular, Flutter
We also provide ser
SEO, Tagging & Content
Social Posting - LinkedIn, Facebook, Instgram, etc
Landing Pages, Funnels & A/B Testing
Paid PPC on Google, Facebook etc.
Podcasting, Digital Events & Online Conferences


New Normal has a number of platforms that can work out of the box or be enhanced to deliver the outcomes your need but much faster, cheaper and with less risk.

When combined with low code platforms, SAAS tools and clever integration you can build very comprehensive solutions with incredible return on investment.


Other Platforms We Like & Use

There are a number of platforms we think are amazing that you should consider as part of your digital transformation. Which ones depends on what you are trying to achieve and the priorities you have.

To find out about even more platforms that can support your digital transformation jump onto the new normal community site (using newTribes).

Consulting & Development

New Normal can provide a wide range of consulting services to evaluate, plan, scope, project manage and create your digital business. If you are a start-up or an existing business that wants to utilise the internet and digital tools to grow or improve your business value we have the people who can assist you.

Fill in the form below with your details and goals and we will respond quickly to see how we can best assist you.

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